After Service Term & Conditions

The Warranted Products & Period

This warranty term is applied on the USB Flash Drive, SD Card, Micro SD card, UDP Chips, Mini UDP Chips and PCBA Chips that delivered by Himory (here after named "the Product"), which are concluded for one year warranty with Himory standard warranty terms from the initial purchase. The other product items will be settled by a compromise before the decision will be finally made by the company about whether to provide the after service or not.

The Warranty & Non-warranty Scope

Himory will be liable to repair or replace any part of the Product within 12 months after shipment date with an equivalent product against any defect, as determined by Himory, resulting from defective material, design, or other defective workmanship under normal operation conditions. The Company's Warranty Terms may apply to none of any factors not related to the Product, in the following cases:

•  The products are not sold by Himory.

•  The defects are beyond the Warranty Period.

•  The products have been changed by the third party, which is not authorized by Himory.

•  The defects are caused by the improper operation.

•  The defects are caused by the accident such as dropping into water and so on.

•  The defects are caused by other conditions, which are not due to the fault of Himory.

The Special Notice on Himory After-sales Service

(1)  Exchange for Newly-Purchased Products: Himory guarantees an exchange service for a newly-purchased Product upon request within 15 days after the shipment date, against any defect other than those arising from non-compatibility with relative machinery or human-induced damages.
(2)  In 3 working days after the documents and the RMA package are received by the Company, we will announce if the claim of service could be accepted. In 5-10 working days, Himory could send out the repaired items, replacement items or the denied items.

Further notice on the after-sales service

(1)  For service on Non- Himory products, or products beyond RMA scope, the related cost is on buyer’s payment account.

(2)  Himory reserves the right to repair or replace the defective products with same function or same specification products

(3)  Himory is NOT responsible for any data loss during reparation or replacement.

(4)  For detailed term of Himory Warranty Service, please refer to the Warranty Terms (file “Warranty Service Terms”, Version: HMY.ASV1.1.001) or send your further inquiry to Himory service team by email to:

Services available for Himory worldwide clients

Cargo transit & shipment tracking

Products using or operating guide

RMA replacement and repair

The extend of warranty period & term

One years or life time warranty term

The Procedures for RMA Repair

Confirm the right RMA requirement

(1)  Make sure the products are in the warranty scope and within warranty time.

(2)  Confirm with Himory team on the Contract NO., Model NO., the Product Serial Number and the memory size, quantity on the possible defect products.

Receive an RMA sheet with RMA number from Himory

(1)  After Himory team’s confirmation on the RMA requirement, you will receive an RMA sheet with RMA number.

(2)  Possibly transfer all the data to other storage devices before you start the shipment of the RMA.

Launch the shipment of the RMA products to Himory

(1)  Make sure the goods are BULK packed and Print the RMA sheet and put it into the carton

(2)  Write the RMA number in the shipping mark outside of each carton and write the courier tracking number outside of each carton.

(3)  Make sure the goods are sent to Himory Hong Kong office and the freight is prepaid.

(4)  Note the tracking number to Himory team as soon as the RMA shipped.

Himory repair and the shipping back

(1)  When the goods arrive at Himory Hong Kong office, Himory will check the actual goods and further note to you the actual result.

(2)  Himory will repair the goods, according to what Himory receive.

(3)  Himory will return the repaired the goods to you, freight prepaid.

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