The cutting-edge package and testing solution to worldwide partners

To create the delight delivery experience for worldwide clients, we adopt advanced devices and strict quality assurance standard to deliver the nanoscale package and testing solution in dust free production environment.

To apply the ISO9001 standard and lean manufacture, we have created the highly automated and standardized operation for the whole production flow. Himory team is always adopting the industrial leading quality standard in production process. All these were realized by the creativity in our technical operation and production management, and it has made the efficient & qualified delivery to our clients.

Production small memory products by creating smart

Himory provides the nanoscale package and testing solutions of the semi-finished memory products like UDP, MUDP, TSOP, BGA and eMMC. We also provide the turnkey memory products solution like memory card, USB Flash Drive and SSD. Himory team is carrying out the newest technology and innovative management to deliver the refine products for clients.

We believe the crafted memory products should be with good design and material, and created by smart technology. We provide the reliable and high-performance service. The delivered products by Himory are with fashionable and classic design aesthetics, and accompanied with the perfect user’s experience. There are wide differences in economic and culture in varied countries. Himory team commits to deliver the local adapted memory products to customers.

The daily work & life wisdom that we deliver our service and products

Pursue value creation

The eternal mission of Himory is the sustained value creation to customers.

Long-term collaboration

Himory insists the long-term collaboration with suppliers and partners

Create the innovation

Himory team members are always creating the possibility with innovation.

Teamwork spiritual

We work out each project in way of teamwork spiritual

Craftsmanship attitude

We embrace the craftsmanship spirit in daily works.

Life with passion & joy

The passion and joy in work and daily life are the origins of our lives.

The applications of Himory product line

Himory provides the full line memory products which is with different capacity, data transmission speed rate and various environmental adapt-abilities.

The standard memory products of Himory can support usual consumer & home applications. We are also providing the OEM/ODM solution of memory products for the enterprise & government applications.


Game & Entertainment


Mobile Phone

Smart TV

Consumer & Industrial UAV

Digital Signage

Security Surveillance

Government Agency

The IOT Things

Specia Industry

Vehicle Electronics

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