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It’s not only related to the saving of your fond pictures, music, videos and documents. Storage is also about the fondness connection to memories, thoughts and expression

The Exquisite Storage Solution

We make every art work being packaged into the art pieces.

  • Shiny Metal USB Flash Drive Himory P203 standard USB 2.0 interface with multiple shiny color housing > See details
  • 3 in 1 USB3.0 Flash Drive PD333 Type C + Lightning 3 in 1 USB3.0 high speed USB Flash Drive > See details
  • SDHC Micro SD Card The 32GB Class10 OEM memory card with high-speed rate ratio up to 80MB/S read, 15MB/S write > See details
  • SDXC Micro SD Card The 64GB U1A1 OEM memory card with ultra-high-speed range, upto 95MB/S read, 40MB/S write > See details

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Himory is the technology drive company who commit to provide the integrated storage solution and products for the world memory market.

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