eMMC Flash Memory Chip Solutions

Himory eMMC chips are integrated the advanced controller with top-grade & highly-efficient NAND flash memories which secure the enhanced data management and 4GB to 256GB capacities. The eMMC chips provide the ideal device applications which are with higher data speed rate ratio and volume requirements. It is with advantages to simplify the process of product development reduces the period of time on launching new products.Himory eMMC chips suite well for consumer multimedia smart home industrial vehicle medical and IOT applications.

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Memory Size: 4GB/ 8GB/ 16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB/ 128GB/ 256GB
FBGA package solution with MLC and TLC technology
Reliable storage solution based on high-quality NAND chips and optimized controller
Integrated memory management: Error correction code / Bad block management / Wear-leveling /Garbage collection

Product name: eMMC Flash Chips
Memory Size: 4GB/ 8GB/ 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB/ 256GB
Configuration: MLC /TLC
Packaging: FBGA153/FBGA169
Operating Voltage: VCC=3.3V, VCCQ=1.8V
Mounting Style:  SMD/SMT
Operating Temperature:  -20ºC ~ 60ºC (standard)
Customized solutions: -40ºC ~ 85ºC extended

The eMMC solutions offer the high efficiency on data transmission and multi-task processing. It generates the fantastic user’s experience on web browsing, APP loading, HD video recording and operation, data analytics and exploring of the group games.
Industrial Applications      Mobile electronics 
Consumer electronics      Smart Home 
IOT Internet of Things      Vehicle Electronics
Data Center & Cloud        Medical applications 

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